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faviconOne-stop Network Solution

We offer complete network management solutions including WiFi Hardware, installation, internet, network access control and other networking hardware). With FreeG, you get the benefit of centralized management across multiple cities and operation management control.

favicon Cloud-based WAN Management

Leverage real-time networking monitoring and trigger WAN activity alerts to ensure ZERO downtime at all your loctions. Failover, load-balancing, and network speed and packet-loss monitoring are among key WAN management features.

faviconNetwork Automation and Security

Monitor all network devices' connectivity (CCTV, Biometric, printers, and others) and build a smart-firewall to ensure security on both private and public networks. Block unwanted users from accessing the network, and restrict particular websites to ensure quality experience across the locations.

Internet and WiFi Management blogs

VPN, Mikrotik, Remote-working

What is VPN and how to leverage it for remote-working

April 10, 2020

With multiple offices and partial team members working from homes, communicating becomes a challenge for both employees and employers as they will require..

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The CO(Working)VID-19 Effect: Office lives on despite WFH

The CO(Working)VID-19 Effect: Office lives on despite WFH

April 07, 2020

While the world is learning to adapt, albeit at a very sharp curve to accommodate remote working and Work from Home, I personally believe WFH sucks, not because there are..

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It is time to say no to internet downtime for coworking spaces

Coworking 2020: upgrade to ZERO internet downtime

February 09, 2020

For co-working spaces, internet downtime is a big NO-NO! A common issue we have observed is that ISPs promise a certain speed but in reality less than half that speed ..

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