Personalized customer engagement

Guests expect personalized services when they visit and it has a significant impact on retention and loyalty; FreeG enables complete customization on guest WiFi login page as per their locations' themes and provide 100% automation on WiFi marketing associated with demographics (mobile, email id, name, age, gender etc).


Real-time promotions and surveys/feedback

Gain valuable and actionable inputs from your customers in real-time at your stores and take proactive actions to increase their visit frequency and spends. Also, redirect customers to your mobile apps or webpages (facebook/instagram) to get social media traffics.


Build relationships with guests through WiFi marketing

Pull customers to your locations through SMS/Email marketing utilizing demographics and interests data collected through social hotspots. Also, create customized advertising campaigns on social media platforms (Facebook, Google Ads, Instagram) to generate more business.

Differentiated offerings with FreeG WiFi

We solve both Internet and WiFi management problems for your locations to ensure 100% uptime of hotspot network.


favicon_11 Internet and guest WiFi Management

We write automation scripts to manage multiple WAN (internet) connections to ensure 100% network uptime, and separate guest WiFi network for ease-of-management.

favicon_15 Bandwidth control and security

Pre-set time, speed and data limits for users accessing restaurant guest WiFi, block unwanted users (eg. employees, neighbors) to avoid any data abuse. Also, we put firewall on both guest WiFi and internet network to ensure secured internet access.

favicon_13Reports automation & compliance

We ensure our setups remain legally compliant with all government norms (e.g. TRAI, GDPR). We further automate weekly/monthly reports to be sent directly to the owners' mailbox with detailed location-based intelligence and actionable insights.

Customers love FreeG WiFi

This is what our clients have to say about our WiFi management.

Covert your café/restaurant into a workplace for freelancers & entrepreneurs and get extra business in off peak hours