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How WiFi marketing can help your business


Know Your Customers

Our setup collects customers' demographics (mobile, email id, age, gender, social profiles) while they connect to our interactive guest WiFi login screen. Auto-login feature further helps in fast and seamless WiFi experience without OTP verification in subsequent logins.


Targeted WiFi marketing

WiFi marketing automation is done perfectly on our Guest WiFi hotspots with personalized SMS/Email marketing campaigns. Moreover, social platforms (Facebook, GoogleAds, Instagram) are leveraged to attract guests to visit your locations again.


Analytics helps business grow

Location-based analytics provides greater insights on guests' behaviors, interests, and enhances probability of them visiting back soon. Further, offerings can be curated specific to locations based on customers' demographics.

WiFi marketing useful for all types of offline stores

Each store has different customer demographics and requires customized campaigning to build brand experience. Our Guest WiFi platform offers advanced location-based analytics for each sector in a differentiated unique style, ensuring maximum ROI on WiFi marketing investments.


What clients say about our WiFi marketing features

Our Customers

Palava City
Xperia Mall
Agent Jack's Bar
True Fitt & Hill
Rude Lounge
Tea Villa Cafe

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