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Technology designed to make managing internet and WiFi networks simpler

FreeG ZERO Downtime

ZERO Downtime

Rapid developments in technology induce a growing dependency on the internet. This implies that better internet = more business (a better internet experience directly affects profits). Our platform tracks up-time, packet-loss, speed, fluctuations (and more) trigger automated alerts to take proactive measures to ensure maximum up-time.

FreeG WiFi Quality Experience

Quality Experience

We enable an improved internet experience by providing seamless internet and hassle-free WiFi connectivity. We improve internet efficiency by content filtering, inappropriate websites and torrent blocking, separating a network for guest access, and variable bandwidth control to enhance internet experience.

Affordable packages

Save Money

Ill-advised setups can result in expensive firewalls which require specialized and dedicated IT teams to manage them. Our easy to use setup is designed to be operated by even the non tech-savvy generation while being secure and protected. You can simply leave the networking to us and focus on the business.

A solution for every kind of business

No two business are the same and that is why we tailor our product design and platform in such a way that it meets the requirements for all types of business and be scalable to the highest level.

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