Monetize shoppers' data

Provide value to retailers by allowing them to target the right audience in real-time through WiFi marketing as well as across all online advertising channels including Facebook/Instagram, Google Ads. Segregate customers' data based on demographics (age, gender), shopping behaviors (frequent shopper, luxury shopper), and interests (movies, food, entertainments, etc).


Optimize leasing with location-intelligence

Provide insights to leasing teams with customers' interests, affinity towards specific brands, lifestyle pattern to attract the right tenants' mix. Run surveys and collect feedbacks through guest WiFi and take proactive actions to increase footfalls across the segments.


Automate operations and digitize feedback

Customize surveys based on users' demographics and behaviors, ask relevant questions specific to each store and alert operations team to improvize experience in each domain.

Differentiated offerings with FreeG WiFi

We provide all-in-one hardware, software, and internet management software to manage WiFi operations.


favicon_11 Integrated internet + WiFi management

We provide one-stop WiFi marketing solutions including WiFi hardware deployment, installation, and end-to-end Internet + WiFi management. We also have strong tie-ups with internet service providers (ISPs) to get affordable internet packages required for your centers.

favicon_15 Build CRM automatically

Integrate with your existing CRM or leverage our own CRM solutions to empower your marketing team to incorporate thousands of new opt-ins through guest WiFi captive portal. Also, integrate the CRM data with multiple SMS/Email marketing channels.

favicon_13 Third-party advertising capabilities

We also provide tools to onboard third-party advertisers (FMCG companies, global brands, TV shows) to engage directly with your mall's customers through WiFi platform but without accessing any of the customers' information. This further helps in monetizing WiFi investments and generate more revenues.

Customers love FreeG WiFi

Retail brands leveraging WiFi marketing through FreeG

If you want to know more about the benefits of WiFi marketing or ROI calculations, get in touch and get a 7 days free trial of our WiFi hotspot system.