customer demographic

Analyze Shoppers' Demographics

Sort customers’ data based on various demographics (age, gender), shopping behaviors (frequent shopper, luxury shopper), and interests (movies, food, entertainments, etc.). Provide value to retailers to target specific audiences to in real time through WiFi and social media marketing.

increae mall revenue

Generate higher leasing revenue

Make decisions based on insights of customer’s interests and trends by gauging affinity towards specific brands, lifestyle pattern, spend potential, frequency of visits, etc. This can used to attract the right tenant to maximize leasing revenue and footfalls in each the segments.


Real time feedback and promotion

Deliver relevant promotions based on demographics to targeted audience, enable higher levels of personalization in marketing and retargeting campaigns, send out real-time questionnaires to get implement in order to receive quality feedback in a timely manner.

How customers are leveraging 'Auto-login'​ to engage over Guest WiFi

Create lasting and personal experiences

Leverage WiFi marketing and generate improved revenues while providing a lasting and quality internet experience for your shoppers


favicon_11 Integrated internet + WiFi management

We provide one-stop WiFi marketing solutions including WiFi hardware deployment, installation, and end-to-end Internet + WiFi management. We also have strong tie-ups with internet service providers (ISPs) to get recommend the best internet packages required for your centers.

favicon_15 Build a larger customer base

Integrate with your existing CRM or leverage our own CRM solutions to empower your marketing team to incorporate thousands of new opt-ins through guest WiFi captive portal. Also, utilize the CRM data with multiple SMS and Email marketing channels to get the most out of Shoppers while providing quality internet services.

favicon_13 Additional revenue sources

Explore external advertising as a revenue stream. We also provide tools to enable third-party advertising such as FMCG companies, global brands, TV shows, websites, etc. to engage directly with your mall's customers through WiFi platform without gaining access to any of the customers' personal information. Monetize WiFi investments and generate additional revenue streams for a fraction of the costs.

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