ZERO Downtime

ZERO Downtime

By means of load balancing and auto failovers, we ensure 100% UPTIME for your space even on broadband connections. We also enable you to manage all internet lines from one dashboard and identify inactive or faulty lines at the single glance along with convenient graphs to gauge the lines’ health.


Ensure Safe Browsing

Prevent the illegal consumption of bandwidth from porn and torrent websites to create for a better community internet experience. With the access to VPNs becoming easier, ensure more effective blocking of certain packet data types from even entering the network at the controller level.


Enable "Work from home"

Post Covid19 pandemic, many individuals prefer to work from home hence requirement for office-like internet experience has increased significantly. We provide options to customize different WiFi plans for each member and allow internet access for different number of devices.

Differentiated offerings with FreeG WiFi

Automation is a neccessity in network management for Coliving Spaces


favicon_11Auto-login for authorized residents

Verify once and allow access to internet on multiple devices after whitelisting mobile number and email for each verified member and later allow residents to connect automatically with seamless one click login.

favicon_15 Device monitoring, Port forwarding & IoT integration

Timely diagnosis of faulty setup can help teams take appropriate measures to ensure appropriate alternatives and reduce query resolution time. Integrate your CCTV, Biometric, DVR, and other IoT devices onto FreeG platform with specific ports forwarded for centralized monitoring and management. Host local servers, websites, and enable cloud-access through our software.

favicon_13 CRM & Events Hosting

With our Guest WiFi enabled for Visitors, Events, and community conferences, you can bring genuine traffic to your website, social media page or event posts while building a viable list of potential customers for your spaces.

Space owners love FreeG WiFi

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Coliving 2020: upgrade to ZERO internet downtime