One-click guest WiFi

Provide seamless WiFi connectivity across the premise with easy, one-click WiFi hotspot experience. Hotels can add guests' details with their check-in and check-out dates to ensure faster connectivity.


Upsell & cross promote new locations

Leverage the best hotel WiFi sooftware to push premium in-house experiences e.g. Spa, restaurants, lounges. Also, create brand awareness about your new locations to your visitors' data collected through guest WiFi.


Push 5-star ratings/reviews online

Automate feedback campaigns through SMS/Email in real-time and after guests left the premises. Redirect happy customers to online platforms (Google, Facebook, Tripadvisors) for good reviews/ratings, while improve operations based on customers' feedback.

Differentiated offerings with FreeG WiFi

Cloud-based hotels WiFi software to manage multipe properties and automate marketing campaigns.


favicon_11 Centralized WiFi hotspot management

Pre-set time, speed and data limits for users accessing hotel Guest WiFi linked with PMS to automate check-in and check-out dates. Customized branding for different locations with interactive logo, color-theme, and tag-line.

faviconicon Ensure comfortable stays with live feedback

Provide guests option to provide real-time feedback on services, operations digitally to ensure corrective measures can be taken instateneously. With increasing competition in hotels industry, few bad reviews online can directly result in lower numebr of guests in future.

faviconicon2 IoT & PMS integration

Our network not just manages WiFi but also allows you to integrate CCTV, printer, tablets, and other smart internet-enabled devices to provide un-interuppted internet access to such devices. Also, we provide option to integrate with your PMS software to ease guest WiFi operations.

We know what customers want from Hotels WiFi solutions

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