Internet Everywhere

Internet everywhere

Satisfy the unsaid requirements for high speed internet to provide an enriched experience to your residents. Have certain content delivered almost instantly to meet hyperlocal needs. Have them seamlessly connected across the mesh to receive an uninterrupted internet experience.

Monitoring System

Become an Intelligent city

Reduce reaction response time by leveraging public WiFi to install strategic monitoring devices across the city and build a centralized surveillance system with alerts and notifications to ensure a secured environment.

Real time situations

Enable data driven decisions

Public WiFi can help collect important information of real time situations and their implications on the people around them. Enable surveys on WiFi to garner real-time updates about specific events, traffic, and emergencies directly from the netizen.

We are now live at Palava City, Dombivali by Lodha Group

Differentiated offerings with FreeG WiFi

We provide all-in-one WiFi hardware, software, and deployment expertise to manage Public WiFi projects.


favicon_11 WiFi mesh and internet management

We are a one-stop solution for internet and WiFi deployment. Including hardware, installation and end-to-end WiFi with internet management. We also have strong tie-ups with internet service providers to pull fiber-based internet connectivity to your city projects. We regularly conduct feasibility studies to determine what the most ideal internet connections available is and can suggest a connection according to your requirements.

favicon_15 Monetize WiFi with 4G offloading

Global telecommunication providers pay a hefty premium to leverage your WiFi assets in order to offload their 4G users to WiFi networks instead and save costs in tower-infrastructure. This can become very useful by bringing in a sustainable revenue stream to make the Public WiFi project self-sustainable.

favicon_13 Additional advertising revenue

Enable means to onboard third-party advertisers to engage with your city residents through WiFi platform without accessing any of their information. Partner with FMCG companies, global brands, TV shows to promote their products. This further helps in monetizing WiFi investments and generate more revenue.

If you want to know more about the benefits of Public WiFi or ROI calculations, or want to experience live city projects of ours, get in touch