Internet everywhere for all

Delight your residents and visitors with internet availability with Public WiFi as new generation of millenials can't afford to stay without internet for 1 minute also. Don't just wait for telcos to bring 4G/5G to your locations and decide future of your smart city projects.


Bring intelligence to city operations

Public WiFi can be further leveraged to connect smart IoT devices centrally deployed across the city. Build centralized survellience with centralized monitoring and alerts with power of internet connectivity in all around.


Link commercial assets with demographics

Public WiFi delivers automated data collections of residents' demographics (mobile number, email id, age, gender) and real-time opportunities to take their feedback and conduct surveys. This helps in building commercial assets (Retail Malls, Hospitals, Schools, and others) and improving their operations.

Differentiated offerings with FreeG WiFi

We provide all-in-one WiFi hardware, software, and deployment expertise to manage Public WiFi projects.


favicon_11 Integrated internet + WiFi management

We provide one-stop solution for WiFi hardware deployment, installation, and end-to-end Internet + WiFi management. We also have strong tie-ups with internet service providers (ISPs) to pull fiber-based internet connectivities to your city projects.

favicon_15 Monetize WiFi with 4G offloading

Global telcos would pay a premium to leverage your WiFi assets to offload their 4G users to WiFi networks and save costs in tower-infrastructure. This will be ver useful in bringing sustainable revenue stream to make Public WiFi project self-sustainable.

favicon_13 Third-party advertising capabilities

We also provide tools to onboard third-party advertisers (FMCG companies, global brands, TV shows) to engage directly with your city residents through WiFi platform but without accessing any of their information. This further helps in monetizing WiFi investments and generate more revenues.

Customers want all-in-one WiFi solutions

This is what our clients has to say about our Public WiFi deployments.

If you want to know more about the benefits of Public WiFi or ROI calculations, or want to experience live city projects of ours, get in touch.