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favicon_11 Engage Your Customers

Use our plug and play hotspot system for customers to connect with your Wi-Fi and promote new products, special offers on our interactive login page.

favicon_15 Build Customers Profile

Our portal helps you to know your customers, their interests and preferences and identify loyal customers based on their visits.

favicon_13 Get More Walk-ins

Automate your SMS/email marketing campaigns to send personalized greetings, float coupons to bring your customers back. You can also promote your brand across our public Wi-Fi locations.

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5 key learning from Google’s free wi-fi project at India’s railway stations

June 22, 2016

We just celebrated World WiFi Day on 20th June, 2016 with our new iconic township wifi project in Bangalore and the timely update on Google’s free wifi....

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My advice to restaurants owners on data security

Feb 21, 2016

Restaurant industry is one of the favorite targets for cyber hackers as it involves millions of credit/debit card details yet follows minimal data security standards. According to Verizon’s “2015 Data ...

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10 Reasons why providing free wifi can be a game changer for your retail business in India?

Dec 3, 2015

Customers now expect free wifi everywhere they go and appreciate the venues which provide them un-interrupted free wifi access...

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