10 Reasons why providing free wifi can be a game changer for your retail business in India?

1) Customers want free wifi

Customers now expect free wifi everywhere they go and appreciate the venues which provide them un-interrupted free wifi access. India is one of the youngest countries in the world with over 50% population of below the age of 25. They are the new buyers and they want to remain online.

2) Distinguish yourself from competitors

In this digital world, providing free wifi can be a significant advantage over your competitors as customers now select venues not only based on the price and quality of the products but also based on the value-added services provided to them during their visit. Free wifi is one of those services which the consumers prefer the most in deciding a place for their next outing.

3) Attract new customers

Free wifi allows businesses such as cafes, pubs, and restaurants to attract new set of customers which they were not able to target earlier. Our survey indicates that most people don’t mind sitting alone for some time in a café or bar if it provides free wifi to them as they can utilize that idle time in getting connected with social media networks or replying to their emails/chats. Recent survey shows that businesses that offer free wifi to guests enjoy more customers than those who don’t.

4) Keep pace with technology – go digital

We are seeing a lot of startups entering into the market with technology-driven marketing approach to lure existing and new customers. They are investing a huge amount of money in knowing their customers profiles and demographics to understand better about their interests and accordingly they are customizing their products to serve them better. While it might not be logical for small retail outlets to have their own technology teams but a wifi hotspot system enabled with our analytics tools can do a lot of smart work for offline stores.

5) Know Your Customers

With wifi hotspot solution, you will be able to collect your customers’ demographics (name, age, gender, email ID, mobile no and other social information) which will be very useful in optimizing operations and improving customers’ satisfaction.

6) Connect socially with consumers

It is now evident that social media is now becoming a popular platform to promote your business hence it is important to connect with your existent and potential customers on social media platforms (facebook, twitter, Google, and instagram). While providing free wifi to your customers, you can ask them to like your facebook page, follow on twitter, or post photos on instagram to promote your business.

7) Your business targets foreign tourists

Foreign tourists always seek for free wifi hotspots to remain connected with their family, friends, and colleagues. Hence if your business is located near airport, railway station, or any famous tourist spot then we believe providing free wifi can be a really smart move especially if your customers include foreign tourists especially for hotels, restaurants, bars, and cafes.

8) Identify loyal customers

With wifi hotspot system, you can track your customers’ profiles and their visiting frequency to distinguish loyal customers from the rest. This will help in targeted marketing to those customers who are more important for your business.

9) Leverage wifi for cost-effective targeted marketing

Are you still stuck with newspaper advertisements or printing pamphlets to promote your business, time has changed so you should too. Companies are now targeting customers in more personalized and innovative methods. You can also leverage your wifi platform for targeted marketing to your customers and it is cost-effective too.

10) Minimal investments = Maximum returns

Installing a wifi hotspot doesn’t cost a lot to business owners in the context of the returns they can potentially make out of their wifi investments. Most outlets already have internet plans, they just need to take a higher plan with more speed and purchase a wifi hotspot router to manage wifi access to their customers. The return in terms of improved customer satisfaction and increased sales is enormous and significantly higher than any other related investments they make. ShareShare 10 Reasons why providing free wifi can be a game changer for your retail business in India?

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