If you have set up a device such as a DVR at your location and you wish to access it externally, you will first require a public static IP on your internet connection and secondly, port forwarding needs to be done on your router that will forward all traffic sent on that particular port to the DVR itself.

Let us assume that you have a public static IP ‘’ configured on your internet connection going in to a MikroTik Routerboard and have manually assigned an IP address ‘’ to the DVR which is a part of the LAN network created on the Routerboard.

Here are the steps to be followed to do port forwarding in order to externally access the DVR through port 80:

  1. Open Winbox and log in to your Routerboard.

  2. Click on IP -> Firewall. Go to the ‘NAT’ tab. Click on ‘+’ to add a new NAT rule.

  3. In the General tab;
    - Select ‘Chain’ as ‘dstnat’
    - Input your public static IP in the ‘Dst. Address’ field for eg in this case
    - Select Protocol as ‘tcp’
    - Input the desired port to be forwarded in the ‘Dst. Port’ field.
    - Select your Routerboard’s Internet port in the ‘In. Interfaces’ field, in this case ‘ether1’.

  4. In the Action tab;
    - Select Action as ‘dst-nat’
    - In the ‘To Addresses’ field, input the IP address assigned to the DVR; in this case ‘’
    - In the ‘To Ports’ field, enter the port number to be forwarded eg. 80
    - Click on the ‘Comment’ button if you wish to add a label to the rule.
    - Click on ‘Apply’, then OK.

  5. Click and drag the rule to the top of the list in the NAT rules.

Alternate method:
Copy the script below (Make sure to edit the respective fields as per requirement):
/ip firewall nat add action=dst-nat chain=dstnat comment=DVR dst-address= dst-port=80 protocol=tcp to-addresses= to-ports=80 in-interface=ether1 place-before=0
- In Winbox, click on ‘New Terminal’
- Paste the script in the Terminal window and click enter. The NAT rule is added automatically.

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